Supported Trading Platforms

We provide low latency exchange connectivity on multiple trading platforms, including TT, CQG, Stellar and our own in house platform NEON.




CQG provides high-performance trade routing, global market data, and advanced technical analysis. CQG offers DMA to more than forty exchanges through its worldwide network of co-located Hosted Exchange Gateways. CQG's market data feed consolidates more than seventy-five sources for futures, options, fixed income, foreign exchange, and equities.




Marex Spectron has its own in house platform NEON has been specifically designed to enhance our customers’ electronic trading capability in futures, options and commodities.

This sophisticated platform can be customised, white labelled or connected via FIX to proprietary front ends. Comprehensive hierarchical risk management, administration and a central order book provides control and flexibility in managing trading accounts and sub accounts.



Stellar has a deserved reputation for being a powerful and easy to use trading system. The Stellar front end combines lightning fast order entry with a high degree of flexibility. The front end consists of an integrated suite of applications designed from the ground up to present a rich, responsive and consistent interface.

The Stellar front end has an emphasis on speed, displaying market data and routing orders as fast as possible. The Stellar architecture places the complexities and workload of the trading system onto the servers, freeing the front end to focus solely on trader interaction. Stellar responds instantly, even in the busiest of market conditions.




TT gives you the trading tools that you expect in an easy-to-access platform. View real-time and historical market data and trade with the click of your mouse or automate your trading strategy and deploy your algo to servers throughout our global network of co-located data centers for superior execution.


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